3 Ways to Be More Intentional With Your Time

If we aren’t careful, time will slip away…

What do I mean by that? We all have found ourselves asking, “Where did the time go.” or saying ” I didn’t get much done in the last (fill in the time frame.) But, how does this happen? How can we set goals or have the desire to get things done and NOT get things done?

Many times this happens due to our inability to set daily priorities with intention. Intention is everything. What is made a priority is what gets done. How do you make what matters most to you a priority daily?

Here’s 3 Ways to do that:

  1. Set a manageable goal that can be knocked out before your day starts. This isn’t a huge goal that is going to take several hours. I recommend this typically be something that can be done in 15-20 mins.  The idea is: with adding up a weeks worth of 20 min task equals several hours of work accomplished.
  2. Chunk down your goals into manageable 15-20 mins task. Many times we set goals that are grand and great, but seem daunting when the time required is considered. One way to make a goal appear more manageable is to break it up in to same task. If you need to write a 200 page book, don’t fret about writing 200 pages! Start with 1 page, write a page a day and in a year you’re up to 300+ pages!
  3. Don’t move on until it’s done. The first two strategies are ineffective if you don’t stick it out. Dedicate yourself to the task, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a day off here and there and keep your sanity! But, get back to it and don’t worry if you get off track a few times. We’re talking about momentum here.

So, chuck your goals down. Get one done daily. And sit back and watch how much you get done!


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