Adversity is Preparation

Adversity is Preparation

In life, this journey of ups and downs, we all will face adversity. No one is immune to this important aspect of life. Be it a young person that is born in to a less than ideal situation, or the wealthy person who can’t find fulfillment in things — we all will have adversity on our own level.

This adversity can cost us time and emotion if we don’t see it for what it is — preparation. Adversity, at it’s root, is working to teach us all the lessons of life. In each struggle there are key pointers that direct us to the “moral of the struggle.” It’s up to us to continue to be open to teaching as we go through each event.

If we miss the opportunity for growth we waste our adversity and come out on the other side the same. This leads to the lesson resurfacing in our life at another time. But if we are wise, during adversity we will open our eyes and look for what life is trying to teach us.

I’d argue, one of the meanings of life is to improve as a person and citizen. This includes growing as a child, spouse, sibling, worker, owner, boss, leader, etc. We all play many many roles in life and in each role we have the ability to grow every day.

The next struggle or tough time you go through, take a moment and step out of the emotion and ask, “What can I learn from this?” This allows you to become an objective observer of your life and to see where this adversity fits into your life’s curriculum. This allows you to then use the lesson to become a better person.

There is a Bible verse that comes to mind that states, “Count it all joy.” (James 1:2). Meaning even when you go through tough times, rejoice because these tough time will build character and endurance. So, in a sense when life’s “test” shows up we can be thankful, since our time to grow has just presented itself.

The pain that is associated with adversity is the root of the power of a person. I’d encourage you if you are reading this to learn about some of the things the people you look up to have been through. I bet their stories in my cases will surprise you. The power they have harnessed to succeed was born our of adversity. 

In my newest book PERSIST there is an entire chapter where I write about circumstances and how we can grow from them. You can pick up your copy on Amazon here.

Reframe your struggles today, count them joy, and make sure you learn the lesson. Once you learn, you will graduate to the next level in life.

Don’t skip the lessons in adversity, grow from them.

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