Anxiety & Depression



What does today mean?


We’ve all heard of anxiety and depression and many of us have suffered from the effects of these conditions. I want to address what I’ve seen in my practice concerning a few keys that lead here. As a physician I’ve learned of the chemical imbalances that are observed in these conditions and I’ve been trained in medical treatments that are effective at addressing them. Another huge contributor is the “life imbalance” that is also observed in these patients.

As we start our days in the morning we must ask ourselves, “What does today mean to me?”. How we answer this question is what leads many of us toward anxiety and depression. In speaking with individuals that describe themselves as either depressed or suffering from anxiety, I find a few common threads on how they view their day. More times than not, it is viewed through a lens that is tinted with the past or a non transparent lens that is clouded by the unknowns of the future.

[cryout-pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”33%”]”We can’t let ourselves become too over interested in the past or the future.”[/cryout-pullquote]

Such a life leads to suffering in the moment; and the present is the most precious time of all.  If today only makes sense to you in terms of the future you’ll be anxious about the unknowns. If the past runs this moment you are stuck thinking about things you can’t change. Both are powerless positions that lead to feelings of being out of control and decreased meaning. Find meaning in the moment. What does today mean to you? Today? Not in terms of tomorrow or yesterday… This moment must be more important than both.


Life has the ability to dampen our view on what’s truly possible. This view my be influenced heavily by past failures or an observed environment. If you find yourself questioning if something is possible, you must ask yourself a tougher question: What makes things possible? How you personally decide on what’s possible for your life determines the quality of decisions you’re destine to make for yourself. If your surroundings make things possible, circumstances could change. If a person makes things possible, that person may leave. What you truly believe is possible must be based in something that is not circumstantial.


One of the first things I hear when opening the discussion of depression and anxiety is that the person feels overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by life, by work, by problems, and so on. Life is suffocating them and they feel helpless. Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Were things crazy at the time, were deadlines looming, your time limited? Feeling overwhelmed is largely connected to a preoccupation with something that is not in this moment. Something that is to happen or that has happened. The moment is forgotten and we are worried about tomorrow. Past occurrences can paralyze us today; leaving us to worry that a past experience will happen again.

Faith and Trust

In life we must all at one time or another walk in faith. We must all trust that the future and past have meaning; that they are connected to this moment. We must base our faith in something that is bigger than us. To get the most out of this moment we must trust, even in confusion, that all has meaning and we are capable. The past is just that, the past. It can’t be changed or altered. Embrace that it is out of your hands and there is nothing to worry about. The same is true of the future. You are not in control. We’re called to live a life of faith. I place my faith in Jesus Christ. Through Him all has meaning. I let go of control and leave results in His hands. Do your part. Work hard. But the most important part, I’ve found, is the ability to let go…