Find Impact. Find Fulfillment

Where is Your Impact?

When I ask people how they are making an impact with their lives, many stare back with a blank face. Some ask if I’m referring to a specific area. Others say they aren’t quite sure how they are making an impact.

Impact is something we all long for; we want to matter to something or someone. We all want to make a difference. The question is why don’t many people see the impact they are making with their lives? We all are making an impact, there isn’t one person that doesn’t. But, quantifying this has historically been the problem.

To start with the basics, if you have a job, you are making an impact. The company structure that you are working within has decided that there is a need for your position, so you are serving the company’s mission.

If you have children you are making a massive impact in their lives. You’re providing shelter, food, guidance, clothing, etc. For a young child, there are very few people that make more of an impact in their lives than their parents.

If you are in a relationship, believe it or not, you are making a massive impact on your partner’s life. The time you spend, the conversations, all are leading to revelations or experiences your partner will never forget. That is impact; making a difference.

So at a glance, we all seem to be making an impact with our lives. But, are we making an impact in the areas we are most passionate about? Impact that is the most meaningful to you is intentional impact. Impact in an area you intend to serve with your life. This is one key to a fulfilled life; making the impact you want.

What Matters Most

Since this impact comes through intention, focus is a requirement. Many don’t make the impact in the areas they wish because they lack focus. They aren’t focused daily on this task.

We all have the ability to focus, our job requires us to focus on our start time, our responsibilities, and regulation or guidelines in our fields. So, ability to focus isn’t the problem. What we focus on is…

How do you bring more fulfillment into your life with intention?

Make each day of your life about creating an impact in the areas you want. Focus on those areas, and spend time daily working to make a difference. The actions are going to be different for each person, because the world needs activist for many issues.

Chose the one that matters most to you and serve it daily.

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