Black Hollywood Live – Breaking Into Interview – Clarence Lee, Jr. MD, MBA Persistence Coach

Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr. sits down with Black Hollywood Live for an interview.

I got to sit down with James Lott, Jr. over at Black Hollywood Live in L.A. last fall to discuss coaching and what it means to be a Flight Surgeon in the USAF. I really enjoyed the interview! We talked about many things that a near and dear to my heart. A few things like:

1. Why I provided one on one coaching to clients.
2. What it takes to be a success
3. Why I’m proud to be a black physician
4. How stereotypes can hold people back when they believe in them.
5. The one word I would remove from language and the two words people should use more.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think! It’s one of the best one’s I’ve had so far! Thanks James!