Dare to Dream BIG

Dr. Lee discusses the importance of continuing to dream BIG throughout life.

Here are a few things that may stand in your way.

1. Downplaying Your Significance

Where you are now doesn’t really matter, it is all about where you are going. Just because you are in a tough situation now, doesn’t mean that will be your LIFE. The ability to see the BIG picture is critical to maintain your vision of your life.

People may have thoughts or opinions about your current situation, but their opinion doesn’t matter. Its about where you are going!

2. Fearing to Dream BIG

What is your biggest dream? What you just thought of is truly what is possible for you. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that a “dream life” is only for certain people. Write your vision down and see if every day.

3. Not Believing it is Truly Possible.

Work on your belief… Why is it that you don’t believe? How can it become possible for you? Is this an area of your life where you need to have faith?

4. Not Visualizing the BIG Dream for Yourself .

Every SINGLE day, take time to envision yourself where you want to be. With visualization you work to convince yourself that this life is truly possible. The more you see yourself there in your mind, the more “real” it becomes to you.

Keep dreaming…