Discipline is Freedom


It’s amazing what a little discipline can do for our lives, but there are many reasons people resist this thought of being disciplined. Who wants to live a regimented life, who wants to follow rules all day? These are just a few of the rebuttals I get when I talk about discipline. 


Discipline is one of the most important aspects of living the life you choose. Our level of  commitment to our goals and beliefs is what ultimately gives us satisfaction. The problem is: how do we get ourselves to act in accordance with our highest beliefs?


I’ve worked with many people concerning their goals and aspirations and one struggle is always present. The problem of not having enough discipline to do what they know they should do. There are a few instances where we are stumped on what to do, but in most cases we know the best move to make but can’t seem to get ourselves to do it. 

The truth is we are what we most repeatedly do. 

For most, their lives are filled with a lot of activities we’d wish to do. The most common may be things like going to the gym or not smoking. Everyone knows these are great things for keeping healthy, but many are not committed to living it. 

We make our selves with the things we do and also the things we don’t do. The fact that we skip the gym everyday will lead to the self-realization of an out-of-shape lifestyle. Same is true for the things we do. We make our lives what we want through our daily commitments. 

Taking Control

Discipline allows us to take control of our lives. Don’t be a robot to your work schedule, or you eating habits, or your bed! Start exercising your willpower to do the things you don’t want to do. Through this discipline you will give yourself the Freedom to live the life of your dreams.