Failure Doesn’t Stop You, You Stop You.



I love this photo! I was so inspired by the empty street and the amazing sunset. I was vacationing in Miami at the time and just loved how the houses set off of the water. This picture can exemplify life. What’s ahead is always the most important, but what’s behind can inspire as well. 

During my workout this morning I was thinking about how many times I’ve failed in my life. I remembered each time I felt the pain of defeat. My reps were all too symbolic of each time I’ve tried something, time after time… Rep after rep… Most of the reps I get through no problem, but at the end of some sets it gets hard. I thought, as I felt the pain increasing in my muscle, that the set was only going to get tougher if I continued. Each time I felt the urge to cut the set short I remembered my life’s many failures. I call them failures, but in each instance I decided to cut the “set” early. It was all too familiar an equation. The times I didn’t get what I wanted, were the times I quit. “I can’t quit on this set.”, I thought.

Just as I made it to my goal in the rep count, I’ve made it in life in the areas where I’ve said, “I can’t quit.”

Failure is an interesting phenomenon. In all actuality it is only as important as you make it. It’s effect on you is totally up to you. As I said before, my failures actually drive me forward today. I see them as times where I missed out. Times where I accepted less than I aspired for. Times where I let the toughness or difficulty of the situation beat me. I decided at some point along the way that wasn’t going to be the story of my life. Missed Opportunity. 

Failure in a sense is unavoidable, by that I mean, everyone will fail at something. But, the most important time is right after the failure. It’s at this moment that you have a huge choice. Will you let the failure win? Will you try again? What do you make of what just happened? Failure has never stopped anyone, people have made decisions to try new things, they’ve made decisions that “this” isn’t for them, etc. But failure itself has reached us all. You must overcome.

No matter how many times you’ve failed. No matter your reputation, no matter your track record… What’s ahead is most important. All that is behind can be used by you as you please. Use it as motivation. How do you want your life to continue? You can not quit. You can not quit