Goal Setting for 2015



As we welcome in the New Year we all find ourselves in the race to make resolutions. In the interest of helping everyone accomplish their visions in the fastest way, here are a few tips on making goals that work.

Write It Down

There is something about physically writing things on paper. We all use electronic list and documents all the time, but I am saying to literally handwrite your goals. You can transfer them to a cloud document afterwards for easy access, but first pick up the pen or pencil and write them out. Why do this? It is your first step in creating your vision, by creating the goals list. You use your hands and connect with the words on the paper. You feel each one. You also write in your handwriting, which is a little more personal than the typical font you’d use on an electronic document. I’ll talk about what to do with this list in next week’s post.

Make it Crystal Clear

When you decide on a goal you must explain or describe it in as much detail as possible. This also makes it more real to you and requires you to visualize as you create your list. This also will help you determine when you’ve accomplished your goal. You can’t make a goal that says: save money. Well, how much money do you want to save? Make it specific.

Put a Date to it

No goal is a goal without a timeline. This helps in a number of ways, but with this timeline you can now work on your baby steps. It also helps you to access your process by having check-in points along the way. We often overestimate what we can get done in a week, but underestimate what we can get done in a year. Set the goals, make it clear, put a date on it and then…

Make Baby Steps Daily

Your goal should now be broken down into baby steps that you can work toward every day. I am a huge fan of momentum and taking a step every day, no matter how small, will lead to massive momentum after weeks of work. The best way I can describe the effects of momentum is to have you start your day with a small victory daily. Watch as you knock one victory out (you’re now wired and have confirmation with your recent success) how you will look for the next things to knock out to keep the streak going. Momentum is a powerful thing and you can build it with small victories.

Let me know some of your goals and the first baby step you’ll take to achieve it.