Growing From Within

Growing From Within

One question I ask myself often is this, “How do you become a better person?”

I ask this because in the “How To” world, there are answers to many questions like this. For example you can google “how to become a millionaire”, “how to become rich”, “how to cook steak,” etc. But what about how to become a better person? We all have things in our lives we wish we were better at, and today I want you to consider the type of person you want to be remembered as.

I recently had a conversation with a patient and she said, “This ailment has made me this way, I used to smile more, now I’m unhappy all the time” As I heard the words come off her lips I wondered if she was making a choice to “be” that way. If this was her last day on earth, would that be her reason for living it unhappily?

When it comes to the type of person we want to be, many times we aren’t doing the work to become that better person. Think about how you use your time, do you spend any time from day-to-day on becoming better as a person? Now, a better person, is going to mean different things to all of us — but are you improving?

Here’s the deal, if you aren’t working on getter better at something you are staying the same. So, the challenge is this:

Instead of working hard to gain more external things like cars, houses, clothes and praise. Look inside and try to live more of the virtues that you think are important.

Don’t accept some excuse that comes to mind that explains why you can’t be that way now. If you aren’t ready to act out those virtues today, when will you be ready? If you think its important, then live out that value.

Walk by your greatest virtues and that is what you’ll be remembered by.

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