HAWK Institute Talk – Sacramento, CA.

I had the privilege of speaking to the HAWK Institute in Sacramento a few weeks back. It was a special occasion for me because when I was younger I had someone take the time and speak at my school.

I’ll never forget the gentleman, because he changed my life. He was a fire chief and one of the first black men in leadership I had ever seen. He shared his story and told us all we could live our dreams.

For me it was huge to see someone that looked like me in a leadership role. It validated that I was good enough and that I was worthy of such role myself.

My HAWK Talk

I discussed what it took for me to make it. And a crazy story about when I almost lost my life.

Service is my word for 2017.

I plan to serve in every capacity I can this year. Sharing a message of positivity and the persistence changed my life in elementary school. It’s my hope I can impact one of you in the same way.

God Bless & Godspeed.


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