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Recently, I’ve been reflecting a lot on priorities. If you follow me on Twitter or have liked my fan page on Facebook you’ll know I’ve posted recently, about priorities. This comes as I personally have been reflecting on my own priorities, as 2012 will be a big year for me personally.


When we think about priorities, sometimes it’s hard to delineate exactly what they are at any given moment. I’ve found that this is due primarily to our habit of shifting priorities. By that I mean, we switch the number one priority depending on the situation. In one setting we say, this is first; in the next we have another focus. As I live I continuously push myself to grow and to go to new heights in awareness and impact, this has led me to learn more about this very topic.

  1. Your number one priority is seldom a task and should be based around a personal philosophy.
  2. Your overall priorities should not change from setting to setting…
  3. There is always an overlying meaning or purpose for a person’s life and as a result fulfillment and happiness are based in that purpose.

This post isn’t specifically about happiness or fulfillment, but I wanted to include that as validation for the importance of finding your number one priority. Acting and walking in this purpose will bring both to your life.

Why doesn’t this priority ever change?

I’m glad you asked? As individuals we are serving a greater good in every moment of our life. We do this uniquely, thus the need to include our purpose in all interactions. For me, its simple, I’m here to use my life to empower and serve others in all setting and all interactions. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the clinic seeing patients or in the coffee shop grabbing coffee. I take my purpose with me everywhere I go. The priority is to live each moment on purpose.

All other priorities will naturally fall into place once dedication to your purpose is established. If we are viewing the world from our “purpose lens” we will see everything through connections to our life’s meaning. This simplifies our complicated collection of events we call life.

True priority is in purpose.