How to Become More Optimistic

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How resisting pessimism can help you accomplish more in your life
    • Let’s face it guys, pessimism rarely has helped a person accomplish something great. In fact, in many cases, it actually hinders people from doing things. Pessimism has a tendency to place an emphasis on what could go wrong, opposed to focusing on what could go right. By focusing on the possibility of failure you blind yourself to the alternate possibility of greatness
  • How focusing on what you want vs what you don’t want is a strategy of the ultra successful.
    • Thoughts are extremely powerful, and I’d argue that they are actual things. That is because, more times than not, we manifest what we think about most. Automatic negative thoughts come and go, but it’s the people that have incorporated a system to replace the negative thoughts that flourish.
  • How to police your thoughts and words and how this will change what you do!
    • Words are even more powerful than thoughts. With words you physically take action to form the sounds of language. It’s this action that sets you up for momentum, positive or negative. As you change the things that you focus on, you change the language that you use. By focusing on the possibilities, you form language that supports that. And, eventually you take action to produce it.
  • How changing who you hang out with can change your life
    • Our friends and family are hung influences on us. By being intentional about who you spend time with you can raise your optimism. When you hang out with optimistic people their spirit is infectious. It lifts your spirit and causes you to become more optimistic. Ultimately, the conversations you hold will form your life.


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