How to Believe in Yourself MORE.

What you’ll learn:

Dr. Lee outlines 4 key components of believing in yourself.

1. Being Special

Being special allows for space in your mind for you to be okay with getting different results from people. I gives you an avenue to accept that you can differentiate yourself with your results. Many people aren’t okay with seeing themselves as great. Start by allowing yourself to be set apart.

2. Visiting Past Success

If you’ve succeeded in one things you have the capacity to do it again. This is at the root of this point. If you can start to see yourself as a success, in general, you can get successful results in your next venture. You are capable.

3. Studying the Greats

Success leaves clues, so look for people that have done what you are trying to do and study them. Learn as much as you can from them and put their recommendations into action.

4. Avoiding Self-sabotage and Eliminating Naysayers.

Self-sabotage happens at the edges. It happens when you get into unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. Many times you can be uncomfortable with your own success.