Hunger and Drive – Leading in Personal Growth

Hunger and drive keep people going, but many of us from time to time run out of motivation. How does the child that is full of energy (where we all started), now not have the motivation to get out of bed in the morning?

Life is a journey and filled with many struggles, to some, those struggles are what they allow to beat them — they allow the struggles to dim their light. But others take that journey and turn it into fuel to drive them forward.

The drive that I wake up with is based in the understanding that the alternative for me (where I came from) is no longer an option at this point. The ability for me to create a better situation in my life, is what I believe in deeply.

This is where my drive comes from.

The hunger comes from having a clear remembrance of what it was like not to have things — remembering what it was like when times were tough. The ability for me to, at any moment in my day, morph back to a time in my mind where I worried about the basics of life.

This is the reminder that keeps me hungry.

Missing out as a child, looking at people who had more than me, gave me a hunger to want to create a different life for me and my family. It let me see what was possible and drove me to figure out how I could create the same results in my life.

Hunger and Drive get us up in the morning. If you’re not excited about each day, then it’s time to ask yourself, when you put your drive down…

And now it’s time to pick it back up again.



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