Intention – Creates Your Life – Clarence Lee, Jr.

Much of our life is rooted in intention. Our performance, our success, our financial status, our relationships, etc. all follow our intentions for our life closely.  

Much of what we experience as a part of life, is of our choosing. Many times people will get events and outcomes confused. Events don’t determine what type of  life you have.  In other words, its not about what happens to you in life…

Life’s about what you do about what happens to you.

In this video, I discuss the importance of exerting influence in all the major areas of our lives. Since our intentions are rooted in our belief, working to grow your belief is critical to creating change in your life. 

Taking 100% responsibility for all your results in life is a critical. I break down the E+R=O formula I discuss in this video in another post

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