Keep Inspiration in Front of You

We’ve all heard the saying that you’re only as good as the people around you. I’ve spent some time writing on the importance of Associations here. In this same vein is the idea that you need to keep inspiration in front you. By this I mean make sure you are looking at, engulfing yourself in, and imaging great things daily.

There are 4 components of what I call an engulfing experience. Spending time focused completely in this area will keep the fire to the flame when it comes to your dream. By focusing on what is possible and intentionally “overlooking” the limitation — you put yourself in the mindset needed to take the actions to achieve all you’ve ever wanted.


This is the most important piece of it all. There must be something for you to look at that inspires you. Lots of people have vision boards (myself included) where they place pictures of the future to come for them; whatever that may be. Before I got married I had a picture of a happy couple after their wedding ceremony to look at — I keep it there to this day.


I’ve already shared a video on the importance of speaking your vision into existence. Words are very powerful and have lots of effects on the subconscious mind most aren’t aware of. I will write a blog on the power of words in the future, but for now I’ll encourage you to only speak things that you want to happen. As you visualize, speak that your dream is coming, that it’s only a matter of time, that you have what it takes, etc. Even a simple “Yes” will put you in a position of receiving and of agreement.


This is probably one of the most forgotten pieces of visualization exercises people practice. You must feel the emotions associated with your vision and your words during this exercise. Deeply contemplate what it would feel like to achieve your goal and then allow yourself to feel those feelings now. Emotionally, there should be no distention in that moment between now and the future. Allow yourself to fully feel it.


This is my favorite part. If you aren’t excited about your dreams and passions what gets you excited? To add energy to the experience; get lively! This can include any level of activity that you would associate with being excited. I like to include music in my experience, something that excites me, helps me to see the future, with vocals that enforce my ability.  Get Lively!

By doing this exercise daily we refocus ourselves on our possibilities. The world has the ability to dampen our outlook and by refocusing we can counter this effect. I encourage you if you’re planning on practicing this — engulf yourself in the morning. Start your day with what’s possible.

How often do you engulf yourself in your dreams?