Lead Where You Are

One of the interesting things about leadership is that you don’t need a position or a title to lead others. You are very capable of making an enormous impact right where you are, in your current position. This isn’t easy, however — It takes courage.

Why Lead?

Leadership is a duty we all have. It may seem easier to lead from out front, but the potential to impact others in your close proximity cannot be overlooked.  Your influence is only limited by your intention. We lead to effect change and this change is tailored specifically to our talents and abilities. Everyone is not equally equipped to impact others in all realms, but it’s our responsibility to bring our talents to the table everyday.

Silent Influence

Another misconception about leadership is that the “leader” must be vocal. There is a time and place for all leaders to speak up, but this isn’t as highly held as most think. Action, on the other hand, should never be down played. This is our most potent influential factor. People are moved by what we do and say, but it’s the visual of action that speaks loudest to others.

Share your Failures

Instead of aiming to impress those you lead; focus on impact. As ironic as it may seem, sharing my failures with others has ultimately been the biggest contributing factor to my impact. Sharing failures makes you vulnerable and it’s in this vulnerability that we find our biggest opportunity to impact. You can only influence those that believe they can influence you. Be vulnerable.

Impress or Impact

As we think about leadership and how we can step our game up, I’d like to leave with one last thought. In striving to impact others we may initially think it’s important for people to be impressed with us. What I have found, however, is that leaders are most capable when those they lead find them relatable. Accolades and accomplishments are great, but they can have a tendency to separate you from those they impress. They can lead some to believe you’re not “like them”, you are so accomplished, you’re different, etc.

Lead where you are right now. Speak to the greatness everyone has inside of them. In doing this, you will be intentional in your impact.

How can you lead today?