Learning to Let Go.

The last step of giving your all, is letting go…


As we make attempts to accomplish what we want in life, we are called to work as hard as possible to bring our goal to past. In doing this we may try plan A, B or C. We can persist in our attempts to achieve, and this is admirable and recommended in every case, but in the end, we will reach a point where it’s time to let go. 

Letting Go

What does that mean?

Why would I ever let go of trying to accomplish my dreams?

These are both great questions and ones that I would expect you to ponder. If you haven’t gotten to the point where you are even considering letting go, then I would say there is more work for you to do. But if you’re reaching your limit…

Letting go requires faith in a great power. If you read the stories of the ultra-successful you will always read about a breaking point. Even the best-selling author has to write the book first and then let life do its thing. A startup must put the product on the market and promote, first. It’s up to the market, at that point, to make the product a success.

Move toward getting yourself to do everything you know, and once you have, Let Go.

Letting go is the last step of giving your all.

If you aren’t willing to let go, here are a few things for you to consider.

Your Best

We all will resist this action, but all you can do is your best. And your best is only determined by you. Your internal meter for effort is the only true judge if all has been given. Do your best and then trust…


Once you’ve given your all, let go and trust that God will bless your efforts. It’s your project, it’s your mission, but without the help of God it’s never possible.

Holding on can limit you

If we hold on to our dreams too much (with our efforts) we won’t leave God room to do His thing. We can literally keep ourselves from our God-given mission and vision by trying to do it all ourselves.

Your best accomplishments require God’s help, and letting go is your call for Him to take over the efforts.

Give your all, and once you have, don’t forget to let go…