Keys to Living an Interesting Life



What’s it like for you when you wake up in the morning? I’d image each day is different based on what you have planned. Some days we are excited and hop out of bed without delay, looking forward to the plans we have. Other days it’s like pulling teeth to get out of bed. How exciting is your tomorrow? Will you hop out of bed?

The Culprit: Routine or lack thereof…

    We all at one point have gotten into a routine. It may be filled with work or errands; there may be a favorite route you take to work; a favorite meal you eat in the morning… Familiarity from day-to-day has its advantages; some people love the routine and feel secure in the order of things, others quickly grow bored with life when there is no spontaneity. What’s this have to do with how we wake up?

The Remedy: Interest…

    How quickly we get out of bed in the morning is a simply function of interest. How interesting is the day ahead? How exciting is it? Is it special? In a sense we all have the ability to make any day “special” depending on what interest we have. Each person gets excited about different things. It may be the Super Bowl for one person and a Spelling Bee for others. Our interests vary, but our dedication to ensuring our days include our interest is the wake up formula.

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Wake Up Formula

    Plan to do things that interest you every day. Some may say there is no way to have an interesting day every day, I’d challenge that… It’s all in your hands. Some people have very interesting lives and never seem to be bored. Why is that?

    People that do interesting things have interesting lives. Life’s never boring, our life planning on the other hand may be. Don’t buy the boring life lie that’s told to us every day. Plan to spend your life engulfed in what interests you. Every day can be exciting, when we’re doing what we love.

Here’s to planning an interesting tomorrow!