Motivation is something we all think about constantly. Most of us want more of it. Some are looking to be “motivated”, but where does it come from? And what do we do when we find ourselves for one reason or another; unmotivated?

Unmotivated? Well, you are not alone.

What do people do to maintain forward progress when they just aren’t motivated to do anything? We all have had those motivated moments when we’re excited; full of energy and ambitious about a goal. Somehow, that feeling goes away and you find your flame dull concerning a once burning drive. In those moments we move slower.


We think of many reasons why this goal isn’t going to happen. We convince ourselves one way or the other that not doing anything any further is the best idea. We may have a fleeting feeling that we aren’t making progress, but the more days that go by of inaction the more “okay” we feel about essentially abandoning a passion. Furthermore, the hope of accomplishment in this area becomes a figment of our imagination. We no longer see it as a true realistic possibility. It becomes something that we “used to” want to do. We become very sophisticated in rationalizing our abandonment. We make very elaborate explanations that work to quiet that once loud voice that initially pushed us to action. Where does that voice go? Where does the motivation go? How does it always seem to leave us? Why does this happen?


That “why” is a great question, but my intentions are to focus on how to beat it. How do we continue to make progress unmotivated? Is it even possible? I mean, who has heard of a successful person that gets results that’s unmotivated? Can the unmotivated produce results? I’ll take it a bit further … is motivation even needed to get results?

Many think motivation is what gets most people to move. Its being motivated that gets us up off of our butts right? Maybe motivation isn’t what drives us completely. I truly believe motivation gives us the reason to move, but not the power. It tells us the compelling reasons.  It may offer us some convincing evidence that action will produce something, but what actually gets us to move? I’ve learned a lot from Tony Robbins in this area and he teaches something that is quite unique involving this subject. He teaches that emotion must be attached to the motivating reasons in order to keep us acting.


Intense emotion is built around kinetic energy; the energy of motion. Just think about it. The last time you felt a truly intense emotion were you able to sit still? Or were you bouncing around unable to calm yourself down? Emotion has an incredible and unrelenting ability to make us move! Staying motivated can be a hard task. You have to know what you can call on without motivation that will push you to move. That answer is emotion. Attaching intense emotion to your passion is the key in tapping a huge source of energy when it comes to anything.  You must attach an emotion to the “why” behind your passion or action.


What is the real reason you’re doing what you’re doing? Is it to change the world? Is there something you don’t like about the world that you can’t stand to see continue? These are the questions you must ask yourself. And most importantly, what emotions are attached. Does it anger you? Does it make you sad? Is there pain attached to it?

Tap into this … let it stir you up when you don’t want to act. Accept the emotion, feel it’s energy, and do something about it! Harness that energy in the unmotivated moments. Sometimes the motives change, the motivation will sway, but the emotion that’s inherently attached is always there – waiting to be tapped. Use it’s energy. Don’t wait to be motivated. Get behind your emotion and move. You know how strongly you feel, and that feeling doesn’t change after failure. It doesn’t change over time. Stay connected to the propelling emotion and you’ll always have an extra gear on deck when conventional motivation runs out.

Ask yourself the hard questions? What emotion got me fired up in the first place?