Negative Thoughts Can Run Your Life

negative thoughts

What Lie Are You Living?

Many of us have negative thoughts floating around in our head daily — many of which limit us in major ways. Some of these thoughts have been camouflaged as practical or pragmatic thinking. But, at their core, they are simply lies we have decided to believe about the way things are in life.

How do these thoughts limit us?

Consider this: We base our actions on our highest beliefs. Meaning, the thoughts we hold literally run our lives by determining what we do. If we think something will work for us, we’ll at least give it a try. If we don’t think it will work, we convince ourselves it’s not worth the effort. The problem with this is that we never know, if it would have helped — staying stuck in inaction.

So, how did we get to a point in life where a simple negative thought could keep us from taking action? The answer is simple… Our brain works day in and day out to keep us from doing stupid things. It speculates into the future and analyzes if a certain action will be beneficial or a waste of time. So one thought, though it may be a lie, can keep us from taking action.

Here’s the challenge: Work to only hold thoughts about what you want and how you CAN accomplish it. 

This may seem pretty obvious, but many of us are downright committed to our favorite negative thoughts. It may be a thought or belief you hold about your ability, or lack there of… Or a lie you’re holding on to about your past… Or some label that was given to you from someone else that you won’t put down.

Here’s the truth: In the end, we are responsible for the thoughts that we hold. So, at some point you will have to decide — am I willing to consider a positive thought about this situation? And if I am — am I willing to act on it?

Change your thinking, change your actions, change your results.

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