Pain, Passion, & Power


Pain comes in many different forms as we experience life, but one aspect of pain that is rarely explored today is its ability to motivate.shapeimage_2-11

I have always been interested in rags to riches stories and as a result of this interest have read my fair share of books on the topic. One common theme

throughout is the experience of incredible pain in the lives of these individuals. Some may say, well it is a “rags to riches” story, so why would you be pointing out the pain in these stories? Great question.

Pain as a Driver

As I’ve studied how struggles are overcome in the lives of other’s and as I’ve overcome my own, I’ve noticed that the ones that triumph channel the energy of pain into something positive. It is possible to use the energy that pain possess as fuel to empower you to embark change throughout the world. It is most potent when used in your personal life.

Pain produces Passion

If you listen closely to the most passionate people there is usually pain associated with the area of their passion. They have experiences they do not want to experience again and in many cases they don’t want others to experience either. One of my areas of passion is the idea of possibilities. I’ve experienced the pain that is associated with a hopeless outlook on what’s possible for your life. I’ve been defeated by negative thoughts and frozen in low self-esteem. It was in my lowest moment, the time when I had a huge choice to make, that I chose which side of the coin of possibilities I’d accept for my life.

Pain is Not Permanent

When the potential of permanent pain is contemplated you must make a choice. Will I accept this pain for my life or will I change it? How much disconnect is there between your current condition and what you want for your life? How much pain is there? Have you had enough? Is it time to change or can you survive more of it?

Pain equals Power

There was a time in my life when I ran from pain, I wanted no part of it. I mean, let’s face it, pain hurts, but as I came through the experience I started to realize that my pain gave me power. I had a source of fuel I could utilize in moments of discouragement. I had pain as energy; I used it for my benefit.

Thank God for the pain in your life. When used in a positive way it has the potential to transform your life.

What pain is a part of your story?