Pessimist Persuasion




Pessimism is alive and well in the world today and understandably so. If you look around or just look at the news, you’ll see the primary focus of most people; negativity. The majority of news stories are about killings, bombings, fraud, recessions, etc. There are very few stories on all the good that is going on in the world.

When we focus on the turmoil, turmoil has an increased ability to influence us.

But people don’t need to look at the news to find negativity, many are living with it or living it themselves everyday. Many have had dreams crushed, aspirations float away, and opportunities taken.

So, from just a passive observational perspective alone, you would say the world is very negative. How could the good outweigh the bad?

Now you can say the journalist are looking to expose wrongdoing and bring awareness to a situation. Yes…

But, who’s going to do the work to change things? Or is change important at all?

This post isn’t about the news; that’s just one example. I could use normal day-to-day conversations in the lives of folks as well. Have you heard someone tell you how bad things were lately? When’s the last time you heard someone complaining about their life or a situation?

Pessimism or a pessimistic view will lead most to complain and complain only. By that I mean, there is no real resolve to do anything to make things better. It’s just simply complaining to complain. Or even worse the idea that things could change isn’t real enough to actually pursue.

Working to Effect Change

We all know the opposite of pessimism and it has its place in the world as well. It gives a person the outlook to work to making things better. It acknowledges things need work, but believes things will improve. It sees the turmoil, but takes steps to relieve it.

Being an optimist isn’t about ignoring the tough situations of life; it is about directing your focus. An optimist looks for opportunity in tough times and has the confidence to see the positive. Focusing on these positives allows the optimist to say to the world, “Things can and will change.”

What do you spend the majority of your time focusing on: 

Opportunities or Obstacles?