Planning is Better than Pondering

Planning > Pondering

Planning is one of the first critical steps in achievement. Without the plan it’s difficult to decide where/when to begin, or even what to do first.

One of the things I see a lot in working with driven individuals that have great dreams, is the tendency to spend more time pondering than taking action. It’s the classic entrepreneur that spends months trying to get the “branding right” for his or her company and never makes the first sales call.

One of my passions in life is helping people figure out how to keep moving toward their dreams. We all have a vision for our life, but many have been convinced for one reason or another that we must put that dream down. For one person it may be “responsibility” that says it’s time to move forward in life. Others may be feeling the peer pressure from people in their lives to grow up and get a real job.

But this doesn’t have to be case. We can live responsibly and still move toward our dream life. How so?

With planning…

Planning is what turns a great vision into actionable steps — it makes your vision concrete. It also forces you to find the answers to the practical side of things like: What laws are involved? What business entity do I need? What’s a lease for a commercial building look like?

It’s in planning that we make the dream REAL.

We take it from a lofty idea to simply a list of practical steps we must follow. Yes, some steps will involve resources you may need to acquire. But once you have the steps, you simply just knock them out one by one.


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