Relationships Matter – Reaping and Sowing in Today’s World

Relationships carry some of the most powerful potential in the human experience. We live in community and with the right network and healthy relationships, one person can put together an amazing team.

One of the aspects of relationships that is often overlooked, is the fact that how you deal with one relationship is how you deal with all your relationships. Meaning, there is no result lost in the relationship arena — how you treat the smallest and less influential person is how you treat them all. Why is this you may ask? Because of a small, but critical law of the world… the law of reaping and sowing.

This law or universal truth states that you will receive or reap in the world what you sow. Basically, you will get back what you put into the world. If you put kindness into the world, more people will be kind to you. If you sow hate into the world, there will be hate that shows up in your life. If you sow impatience, people will not be patient with you.

This law becomes very powerful for those that have goals in life, which is all of us!

Due to the fact that you have to work with other people and build relationships to basically get anything done nowadays. It’s almost impossible to do anything alone. Even you getting up and making your coffee at home, requires and electrical company or a gas company or a battery technology that someone else created.

We are in community and depend on each other’s talents to get things done. Many of us have conveniences in life because someone else took their talent and created something for the world to enjoy.

Understanding this, we all should be cognizant of reaping and sowing when building relationship with others. We should think about how we’d want others to treat us and be that way to everyone you come in contact with. Because the reaping and sowing law isn’t just for your relationship with someone you respect, it’s true across the board.

So the sowing that you’re doing when you are interacting with someone you feel can not help you, you reap those “results” from the person that can actually help you. Meaning how you treat that person, is how the person you need to treat you well will treat you.

Keep this in mind the next time someone is “annoying” you or not going fast enough for you. Take some time and give a little grace, be a leader and encourage that person. Don’t judge them, instead help them out. That, my friend, is indeed what you will receive when you least expect it.

The idea is to do what you can to build powerful deep relationships with all that you interact with. Be genuine. And as you do this, others will respect and give you the same in return.

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