Rising Early

I’ve been called a “Morning Person” a few times in my life, but this is only partially true. I do love the morning time, but not for the reasons you may think. I don’t just wake up early because I like to, I wake up early for what it allows me to do.

The Just in Time Alarm

    Most folks nowadays wake up in the morning with just enough time to get ready and rush out the door. Once on the road, it’s a catastrophic disaster if they find the gas tank near empty. “I didn’t make time to get gas!” A common reason for this crunched timeline is, “ I need my sleep.”

In a perfect world, I would…

    The ironic thing is, if you were to ask people what they would do in the morning in a “perfect world” they would recite off a list of transformational habits. They’d mention things like working out, reading, meditation, having a wholesome breakfast with family, etc. But, is this perfect world obtainable? Yes it is.

Why do we resist early mornings?

    It is true; a comfy, warm bed is amazing in the winter. Who wants to leave this comfortable sleep/dream world, for the cold, a shower and traffic? I get it… But honestly, what is the alternative? Not waking up at all?

    Waking up allows us another chance to chase our dreams – another chance to make our lives what we want them to be. Mornings, when viewed in this context, should be very exciting moments.

What waking up early does for Lee (me). < —- I love doing that!

    While most of the world slumbers, I hit the gym, I get writing done, I work on blog post, I spend hours studying or working on my next book project, I meditate etc. While the world sleeps… I get things done.

Extraordinary results require extraordinary actions.

    I got addicted to this productivity pattern in medical school. I noticed that if I woke up at 4-5am to get reading done, I’d get more done by noon than if I spent noon to midnight reading. I was more productive in the mornings and it saved me time!

First step to incorporating this early rising into your life:  Have An Agenda.

Don’t just rise early to rise, wake up to get something done! Know what that something is before you go to bed. Make a plan and wake up to your life’s mission. Here’s to seeing the sunrise and a more productive life!

Are you a morning person?