What Do You Sacrifice for Success?




We’re all called to make sacrifices everyday, but are the ones we’re choosing really worth sacrificing?

One of the many things I have always found interesting about life is how people primarily spend their time. We all prioritize how we spend our time around things that mean the most to us. The interesting part in all of this is that on a number of occasions as I’ve asked people to tell me about what matters most to them, I’ve noticed (despite their responses) they usually spend the majority of their time doing something else.

For the most part when I ask this question, I get answers like family, church,  helping others, and poverty are really important things in life. The ironic part is that as I analyze how a person spends their time I notice “work” is a huge component. Most people don’t work in an area that is even remotely related to what they think are the most important aspects of life. Thus, they think one thing is important but spend the majority of their time doing something else. Don’t get me wrong, we all want financial freedom and to be able to provide for our families. This is usually the answer I get when I ask, “Well, why do you work so much?” Others simply say, “I have to…” We sacrifice the important area in an attempt to gain “success”.

A few of the things I’ve seen people sacrifice for this “success”.

  1. Family – For the sake of success some will sacrifice spending time with their families. What’s interesting about this is that most sight their families as the reason they work so much.
  2. Health – As a physician I see patients everyday that put off healthcare maintenance items for the sake of continued work. Your body is the vehicle that will get you to work and allow you to enjoy your hard work, but we put its needs on the back burner for “success.”
  3. Relationships – Many relationship suffer from workaholic-type of behavior, marriage being #1 of this list. But there are also many sibling, parents, and friendship that get sacrificed in the mix. We lose time for these as we are chasing our financial goals.
  4. Spiritual Growth – Church  also gets booted from the schedule for work. Church definitely isn’t the only way to grow spiritually, but it can play a big role. And surrounding yourself with people of similar beliefs and morals can help enhance your spiritual experience in life. I’d argue for us this may be the biggest component of what I call success and the lack of attention in this area leads to the detriment of many.
  5. Personal Growth – Financial and career growth is just one aspect of our lives, but in some cases completely engulfs our time. Other areas we need growth in (some listed in this blog) lose our attention. Life is a complete mix of all of these items and neglect leads us to imbalanced lives.
  6.  Personal Ambitions – We all have a check list of things we told ourselves we’d do in our lifetime. These items were once what we looked forward to in our youth. As the daily work routine takes precedent in adulthood some of us let these aspirations go… But why? These things were once what we lived for, right?

If what is important in life is really important we should spend the majority of our time in these areas. My question and thought I wanted to bring to the forefront of your brain with the blog post is, “Is it all really worth it?” My question truly comes from thinking about what people talk about on their death-bed. You’d be surprised… Or would you? What do they actually talk about? The important things listed above. Once life is coming to a close we some how see the light clearer.

Everyday you have a choice how you want to spend your time. Make sure the scale is tipped in the direction of the important things. Take some time to do a time analysis this week.

Considering what you sacrifice daily; “Is it really worth it?”