Scarcity Mentality

[cryout-pullquote align=”right” textalign=”center” width=”33%”]”Your success does not undermine the success of others.“[/cryout-pullquote]

For some of us there is this idea in our heads that resources are limited in the world. Resources can be seen as things such as money, market share, customers, jobs, tickets, parking spaces, etc. Resources are what we need to bring about success in our lives. Everyone’s success picture is based in some use or the acquisition of resources.

I want to define the scarcity mentality and how it holds us back.

Scarcity tells us there are only so many spots open to be taken. It says that only so many people can do a certain thing. It says that time is running out or there isn’t enough food, gas, shelter to go around.

When we live with a scarcity mentality it affects us in several ways:


Ever heard someone say that they can’t tell you an idea because someone will steal it? What is the thought that this belief is based in? Scarcity. If someone else gets my idea there won’t be room for me. They will make all the money. They will steal my spot, etc


This mindset naturally leads to a sense of selfishness, because if resources are scarce I’ve “gotta get mine.” We may not be as willing to give to others due to the fact that we think they will get more or have more. And since there is only so much, giving to them takes from me…


The same mindset leads to what I call group-ism. Where you are only willing to help your group or those in your crowd, since they will help you, etc. You trust they will share the resources with you so, you share only with those you trust. 


This may be the saddest of all the consequences of a scarcity mindset. The feeling or need to withhold from others. You may want to withhold helping others, or providing information that you have that they don’t. We purposely intend not to help.

Scarcity is flawed thinking for many reasons, but the truth is no one can take your spot in this world. Your purpose is for you and can not be accomplished by others.

The natural rebuttal to this is: there can only be one champion or best, right?

Competition is there to build each individual up and press us to improve. Scarcity is sometimes interweaved with the competition conversation. Your talents and abilities will make room for you in the market. As long as you stay true to your vision and dreams you can achieve. The idea here is to help as many others as you can along the way.

There are many best. There are many spots for success in every market. If you follow any industry you will know multiple top performers. There is no scarcity in reality, it only lives in our mind.

You Have What it Takes

Believe in your place and be confident in your ability. You can succeed alongside your brother or sister. You can both help each other succeed. Even if you are in the same industry.

REMEMBER: There is no scarcity. Only scarcity in thinking.