We’re Starting a PERSIST Movement


When I first got the idea of writing PERSIST, I wondered if people would get the concept… Why would someone want to sign up to push toward something that was going to be the hardest thing in their life? Or sometimes, take them their entire life to achieve?

PERSIST-ing is about having a vision for your life. One that is compelling, one you believe in, and one you don’t want to live without. PERSIST isn’t for everyone, as some folks aren’t quite sure what they want. Some are trying to narrow in on the vision at this moment. Some just don’t have a big enough goal that they’re willing to commit everything to.

So why did a write the book, knowing it wouldn’t be a great fit for everyone? — To start a movement…

The problem is, most people aren’t living their dreams and  aren’t the least bit upset about it. The world has seduced many people to subscribe to the “realistic” and shut down their big dream, for a more reasonable one. But these aren’t the people I’m trying to reach, they’ll look at a decade of work and say it’s too much.

So here’s the deal… Take a stand.

PERSIST-ers don’t see a little hard work and shy away, we lean into the effort knowing it is getting us closer to our vision. We don’t take orders from society and put our vision down. Instead we double down on what we believe. PERSIST-ers hold strong to their vision, even when logic says the odds are low.

We’re fighting against a norm in our culture that says living your dream is only for few… We are reviving the dreamer in the world and showing everyone it’s possible for them as well.

Check out the first chapter on fear here. Grab the book and write me an Amazon review, if you do, I’ve got some great bonuses for you!

Keep, keeping on…


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