Taking Your Wants to Reality

We all have dreams and aspirations for our lives. Some of them started when we were young, others surfaced as we grew and made our way through life. The word that I will focus on in this post is “want”. We all want one thing or another, but why do the wants of some become reality and others are left wanting their entire life?

Being Lucky

I’ve been offered many answers to this question over the years. The most common and most dangerous, if believed, is the “lucky” theory. People say, “Well, they just got lucky.” The problem with this belief is that it takes intention and want out of the picture. If the person “just got lucky” it could have happened to anyone. Luck cannot be the entire answer. There is always a place for chance, but it’s a much smaller determinant than most believe.


When a want in a person’s life becomes something they are dedicated to, it sets many things in motion. One of the keys here is the want has to become more than simply a want in order for a person to become intentional about accomplishing it. The want has to become a must in a person’s life. I heard this first from Tony Robbins and it offers an entire paradigm shift when we think about our wants. The people who have been able to convert their wants into reality, have made this shift. The want becomes a must…


A want without action is simply a wish. Our work is what differentiates our wants from the wishes of others. The last and most tedious of all components is the tenacity one must have in their attempts to acquire a want.  We must all be dedicated to weathering the storms of failure that are destined to come our way as we meet resistance. Understanding and expecting resistance positions us to prepare for alternatives. These alternatives don’t involve changing what we want, but allow us to keep our eyes open for opportunities that will help us ultimately succeed.

Work Ethic

I’ve been asked many times how I made it through medical school and general surgery internship. What I try to portray most, when I’m asked, is that it was nothing spectacular about me. It’s simply about habits I formed and committed to, that made the difference. We all have talents, but those talents sometimes can work to defeat us. Relying on your talent, instead of your work ethic, has caused many people to miss their dream. Talent is a plus, but your work ethic is what takes your want and makes it into reality.

Don’t look for luck, prepare and work intentionally every day and luck will find you.