The “Advantages” of Isolation.


photo credit: nycpix

After seeing so many things in the news about individuals shooting crowds or killing their co workers, I’ve been led to wonder what it is that makes individuals get to the point where they think killing is the only way out? If you research many of these individuals you will see a few common trends, but I will only discuss one aspect in this post.


We live in such a populated world, there are so many people around us all the time. There is no logical reason why a person would be forced to live in isolation. Many times isolation is a choice made by an individual. But why would a person want to live isolated from everyone else? 

1. Past Hurts

Throughout life we all run into people who hurt us. Some of us take those hurts with us as we continue to live. We become jaded by our past and expect the same outcomes from our new relationships. Thus, we are led to believe it is better not to deal with people.

2. Being “Self-Made”

We all want to feel that in some way we are self-made and aren’t dependent on anyone. In an attempt to prove we are worthy alone, we sometimes dip completely into isolation to show ourselves and others that we can do it. We purposefully don’t ask for help because we think it reflects negatively on us in some way.

3. Selfishness

We each have a small selfishness bone in our body and we all serve it at times. In our times of selfishness we tend to be alone because who else is going to feed our ego and wait on us hand and foot? We do what we want, alone, because there is no one else to consult or to tell us about our selfish requests.

4. Societal Trends 

How many times have you walked down the street and passed tons of people and didn’t speak to one of them? We have embraced the notion that it is okay to ignore people. We now can completely ignore others we don’t know and its fine. I’m not saying we should talk to everyone we pass on the street, but we do need to acknowledge they are breathing. At the bare minimum, right? What could be wrong with giving someone a smile or wave? Everyone has time for that.

I’m going to spare you on talking about how we need to love and care for each other more. We all know that. If isolation is in anyones life around you, you have the power to change that in an instance. Show interest and care for the people around you. Think about who you ignore, think about who you don’t reach out to. Think about those isolated around you.  Change it today. You know what to do. 

Do you feel there is too much isolation in our society?