The Happiness Recipe



Decisions, Decisions …

If we could all go back to our childhood days… What was fun? What did we look forward to? What excited us? I’m going to give a complete answer with one word. EVERYTHING! I love children for a number of reasons, but mostly because they don’t see a reason not to be happy.

Happiness is a daily decision. We decide minute-to-minute how we as adults are going to frame an experience. We decide how we are going to view our lives. We decide how we’re going to interpret every moment. These decisions may seem simple and common. Something not to pay too much attention to, huh? How we view each second? Is it really that big of a deal?

That just ruined my day

I’ll ask you — have you ever heard someone say, “That just ruined my day… Etc…”? For some reason we as a species have decided that things or events are to keep us happy. We allow random occurrences to impact our lives in a major way. I’m not saying events don’t affect our lives, but we have to place that event in the appropriate perspective. I’ve spoken to friends many times and there is always one statement that lights people up. It’s the claim I make when I tell people I create my own reality. “How so?!”, people ask. “That’s not reality.” “You’re in la la land buddy.” Reality is how you see or think it is; in all cases, at all times. No invention would have ever come to fruition if it hadn’t been “reality” in it’s inventors brain first. How does this conversation play into the happiness recipe?? The recipe is simple. You have to DECIDE to be happy.


If it’s an event you’re stuck on… Observe how you’re viewing it. If it’s the past you’re stuck on… Know the world/time/life always moves forward. It leaves those things, so now it’s time for them to leave your brain too.

I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule when it comes to life. That is 80% of life is psychology and the other 20% is what happens to you. This is especially true when it comes to happiness. How often have you heard someone say they aren’t happy and then go on to explain the event that led to this? People of all walks of life are happy. That’s the statement I’ll say to someone who thinks happiness is a result of life. It isn’t … it’s a result of a brain that has framed happiness as a must for its being. It’s the result of decisions made daily. It doesn’t come and go.

There will be moments of sadness no doubt, but happiness is a constant. Can I say I’m sad, but I’m happy? Yes! The moments and events that make me sad, don’t steal my happiness or joy. Truth be told, in any given moment, no matter the circumstance I can think of a reason to be happy. Think about it. Everyone has this ability. It’s as simple as deciding to focus on what you could be happy about. Doesn’t matter if you want to … but you could, right?

I can’t close this topic without touching on acts some people attach happiness to. Some people say when I do this it makes me happy or when I do that it makes me happy, etc. This can be a strong perception held by many people, but I caution the person that has an act equate to happiness. It can work in a positive or negative light. Some people may attach happiness to drug use, sex, making money, power, good deeds, charity, etc… I added a few positive things to that list  to prove my point. Is it really the acts that make us happy? If so, we all can see the cycle that begins with drug use, sex addiction, greed, etc…

We must evolve as beings and take hold of our psyche. Make this the stability you take with you as you journey through life. Let it persist no matter what happens. Let your belief stand strong. Don’t be swayed as this world’s events take you on the inevitable roller coaster ride of life. It is but a ride. Go back to that inner child, that person that was excited at the simplest of things. Like going outside! Remember that?! Oh how you change your perception and you change your reality!

Decide to be happy. Follow the recipe. It’s always the same …