The Power of Gratitude

One of the most powerful meditation I do throughout my day is my gratitude exercise. I find it best to do this during the morning before I start my day to ground myself. Everyday will have its challenges, but it’s keeping perspective that I have found most difficult at times. I developed this practice after studying the morning routines of many of our worlds ultra-successful. This was one of the first practices I incorporated into my life from my studies.

Gratitude is an amazing experience. For me, it immediately takes away angst and anxiety. Whenever I find myself leaning toward worry, I ask myself what is the likelihood of my worry actually happening. In more cases than not, the probability is extremely low. When we worry we fixate on the unlikely, but it takes away our actions toward creating (and increasing the likelihood of) what we want in our lives.

Gratitude says I am happy with what I have. It says that I am okay. It centers you and allows you to step out of your current situation in order to take a look at the overall picture. There is always something we can be grateful for, it’s simple a matter of concentrating our efforts in focusing on those things.

First thing in the morning I take a walk and for about 5 mins I think only of things I am grateful for. This can simply be thanking God for my health and ability to learn or for freedom. I spend a great deal of my time focusing on my family and how grateful I am for them. I have found the more I appreciate someone in my life, the more likely I am to thank them and to serve them. Again, during this exercise it’s not about acting like everything is perfect in your life. It’s about being intentional about what you’re focusing on in that moment.

Gratitude is a powerful tool that can enhance your life and relationships, immediately. What can you be grateful for today? What is right about your life that you need to acknowledge?

Use today to appreciate what is right and thank the people in your life you are grateful for.