The Power of No – A Step in Personal Efficacy

Saying no has power. Truth be told, our no has more power than our yes but many people have missed this in life.

How we see ourselves from day-to-day has enormous power over where we take ourselves from day-to-day. It also has enormous power over what opportunities we take on in our lives and the ones we don’t take on. Your yes’s and no’s are typically based in how you see yourself. “Is this something that is for me or not?”

If an opportunity is in line with our view of self, we consider it. If it is not, we may pass on the offer. But, here is the challenging part about making decisions based on how we see ourselves — when will we get to grow into opportunities? When will we get to press the limit and say no to something that is in line with where we are in hopes of saying yes to something greater?

A powerful concept I learned years ago was the power of saying no to more things than I say yes to. I first questioned this principle as I’m a positive person and initially saw most no’s as inherently negative in nature. But, stay with me here, your no’s lead to your ability to say yes to greater things.

In our life, we will be bombarded with opportunity upon opportunity. The people without a guiding light, an eternal purpose, will fly from opportunity to opportunity just for the sake of getting to the “better opportunity.” But to what end? What is all the opportunity hopping for?

When you have a driving force, which many call a purpose, you will begin to see what is aligned with your purpose and what is not. This enlightenment will then be your guide each time you are faced with an “opportunity.” All opportunities aren’t for you, many are for others — they just involve you.

Here’s the bottomline: Visit your purpose and driving force daily. Preferably before you start your day, say no to things that aren’t on the direct path to your vision. And understand, most things won’t be on the narrow path of your destiny.

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