THIS changed everything…

It was 3am and I hadn’t slept in over 36 hours…

I had just got to my room at the hospital and was so tired I just fell on the bed. As I sunk into what seemed to be a 30 year old mattress a sense of restless came over me. There wasn’t a good reason for me to be up. Had I forgot something with a patient? Had I missed something on sign out? Why couldn’t I sleep?

I started to think about all the time I was spending in the hospital and all the time I was away from home. Who was I doing all this for? Had I worked for so long to get to my dream of being a surgeon to only now not have time to spend with my family? Would this be the compromise I would have to live for the entirety of my working career?

After all, my attending surgeon (my boss) was upstairs sleeping in his office. Was this my future as well?

In that moment I knew things had to change for me, but what would be next? I asked myself if there were anything else I could be doing beside medicine what would it be?

I envisioned speaking to others about the experience I had just went through. Talking about improving their lives, but through chasing something that will make them feel fulfilled. Now realizing I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my family anymore — all I wanted to do was to inspire people to live their dreams and not compromise.

Up to this point I had read several success books, that pointed to “living your dream” as the key to true success. But, I was just now starting to crystalize what my true dream was. This personal transformation was taking me from chasing status to chasing the very thing that made me tick.

Here are a few of the things I did to find my purpose:

1. Got real with my passion and vision

I went all out on my vision for myself. I didn’t water it down with any practical advice. I didn’t base my dream on what held the highest probability. I let me hair down, so to speak, and went BIG. Envisioning yourself as your highest self is kinda like thinking what you would do if you knew nothing could stop you.

2. Got real with my pain

I started to think about the areas of life that had given me the most pain. How could I help someone else in life avoid this? How could I also counter this in someone else? For me much of my pain surrounding being discouraged — people telling me what I couldn’t do or not supporting my dream. I thought…

I want to be the opposite of that for people.

3. Got real feedback on my gifts and potential

We all have gifts, and it’s the true gifts that you feel in yourself and our validated by those close to you that hold the most weight. I remember the first time someone told me, part of the reason I was successful was that I was good with people, I was offended. I wanted my success to be about how smart I was, how I worked hard, but now this person was telling me my people skills were the answer. It was a tough for me to realize due to my pride at the time, but this was actually some of the greatest feedback about my talents I would receive.

Lining up your passion, pain and potential can get you to your destiny. Are you compromising in life?

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