When is it Time to Live Your Dreams?

Are you waiting on the “right time” to live your dreams?

Many people are clear on what they want to do in life (their dream), but aren’t really sure on the time. Conventional wisdom tells us that there may be a perfect time to live your dream.

In this video I address some of the top reasons people tell themselves now isn’t the right time to live your dreams.

1. Fear

Many are fearful things won’t go well if they step out on faith. (I just read an amazing book on this very topic written by Steve Harvey. It’s title is JUMP.)

2. What is it that you really are afraid of?

I walk you through an exercise I use when fear has me gripped in inaction.

3. I discuss the 1 Thing that will get you closest to your dream the fastest

Will this year be your year?

It’s always the right time to do the right thing. Clarence Lee, Jr.