What Not Giving Up Has Taught Me

The third year I failed to get into medical school I had a serious choice to make — would I turn to the side and give up or would I give it another go??

That year was particularly a tough year because in my worry, I applied to optometry school as a “back up plan.” I thought it was the smart thing to do, I thought I should broaden my options in order to be safe. This broadening my options almost cost me my dream.

As I started to apply to optometry school, I received several letters asking for interviews. This was steps ahead of my medical school application process as most of the schools didn’t even ask for a secondary app from me. So, to get an interview offer was amazing!

After a few interviews I received a letter stating I had been placed on a waiting list for admission. I was making progress, but my progress was toward my plan B. I really wanted medical school, but here I was considering the alternative because my dream hadn’t came fast enough.

In a life changing moment of resolve, I tore up that letter.  And never looked at another optometry school from that day forward. This process taught me that when you look to the side, your plan B will always be there waiting for you. Ready, to have you put your dreams down for a compromise.

I buckled down and reapplied to medical school and the rest is history. I made it to my dream by not giving up too early. I made it because I decided to choose against compromise. This is the life I want for you. This is why I wrote PERSIST.

You’re vision may call you to hold on longer than you anticipated, and in this book I will teach how to do just that.

You can read the first chapter here.



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