What’s IPDx All About?

If you’ve never been to an IPDx, I want to first explain a little more about what IPDx is and what you can expect.

I started attending live motivational events in 2015. The experience was amazing and the drive I left with after these events was palpable. The first thing I thought when I got home was, “I want to do events for people who love my message online!”

What you can expect at IPDx – San Diego Sept 21st-23rd 2018:

1. Energy – One of the things I love about live event’s is that you can elevate the energy of the entire room if you’re intentional about it. I’ve developed a system that uses lights, music, images, and exercises to help move all participants to a higher level of mental and physical energy.

2. Networking – The type of people who attend events like IPDx are motivated individuals that typically are successful in their fields. That’s who shows up to my events, motivated, driven, and go-getter type of people! You want these folks in your network!

3. Gaining Clarity – When’s the last time you took 2 days out of your schedule to hunker down and really gain some clarity on where you’re going with your life? This is a MAJOR part of IPDx. You will leave with the clarity that you need to move forward daily toward your vision.

4. Practical Planning – IPDx isn’t about just getting your energy up and feeling good about yourself. It’s about using what you learn to create an action plan you will start working on while at IPDx! We’re not just about talk, we’re about taking action!



See you this fall,

– Dr. Lee