Who Do You Identify With Most?

Our destiny is found in our identity.

In this blog post today, I want to challenge many of you to look deeply at who you identify with most. In this searching, you will find who you really are and you will illuminate why the life you want is eluding you.

If you are currently living your dream, this post isn’t for you. If you think there is more to your life than the life you’re currently live… Keep reading.

I want to talk about identity for a few reasons, but at the top of my list is the fact that our brains will resist us acting in any way that is not consistent with how we identify. If we believe we are hardworking people, being lazy won’t cut it. However, if you identify yourself as someone that doesn’t get excited too often, when will you ever get excited?

Who we see when we look in the mirror is who we really are, but it’s the message that you tell yourself that I want to focus on. Who you see when you look in the mirror is relative, if you are looking at you, you may see one thing. If it is someone else looking at you they may see something else.

I point this out because how you perceive yourself is just that — a perception. It is not reality. That perception can be changed. Now I want you to take a second and really think about your truest identity pillars for your life.

Are you an honest person? Are you a punctual person? Are you a smart person? Are you a wealthy person?

The answer to all of these questions, will manifest in your life. If you believe you are a wealthy person or in other words you identify with wealth — nine times out of ten you will be wealthy. Now on the other hand if you don’t identify with wealth as a part of who you are to your core — my guess is that you are most likely not wealthy.

This isn’t just limited to social status or bank account balances. This is an all-encompassing rule about life itself. We will ask most in line with who we identify with.

In my life, as I grew up, I had several identities to choose from. Some were healthy and others were not. In my family I had many individuals who were criminals, meaning they weren’t  followers of the law — they participated in illegal activity. I could have easily convinced myself that since this was the family that I came from, this must be who I am.

However, I chose another identity for myself. I decided that I could identify in a way with the criminal, but I identified more with the law-abiding citizen. How did I make this shift? I read books about people who looked like me that were amazing citizens. I chose to identify with that person.

Because this is who I really thought that I was, I acted accordingly… I went to school, I joined the military, I became a producer in my country, etc. This could have easily been different for me, were it not for the identity that I chose.

We all have the opportunity daily to choose who we identify with, it’s a personal privilege held by all of us. How are you identifying is the question. Is there an identity or a label you have accepted for yourself that is unproductive. Are there identities in your life that are holding your back? Any that are getting in the way of your dream? Any that have made you quit?

How do you change? It takes no convincing, it is simply a choice. Will you choose the empowering identity or not?