Well, My Mom Says...

Stories of Persistence, Faith, and Action.

Author: Clarence M. Lee, Jr. MD, MBA

Through persistence, faith, and action anything is possible. In Well, My Mom Says... Dr. Lee recounts conversations he had with his mother that inspired him to live his dreams and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • How your uniqueness is the very reason you MUST go after your dreams. 
  • Why many people miss out on their dreams by not learning the rule of persistence. 
  • How to encourage yourself in tough situations and why your inner beliefs mean more than what others may think of you.
  • How you're faith can be the fuel that helps you live your dream. And why struggle can be a blessing in disguise. 
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  • This is an excellent gift for your children as they start their venture into adulthood. It's an CliffsNotes of core beliefs that every parent hopes their children will take with them through life."


    Elliott Threatt

    Emmy-Winning Comedian
  • It is refreshing! A man of science talking about the fundamental things we all know are true but somehow get lost in our school and college cirricula - belief, trust, faith, love, and support.”


    Jason Richardson, PsyD, MBA

    Professional Psychologist, Speaker, and Consultant
  •  For anyone with the desire to do great things, this is a definite must-read addition, not only to your library, but this needs to go in the backpack you carry on your journey!."


    Anthony Hylick, PhD

    Scientist and Social Entrepreneur
  •  Readers will feel and receive from his mother and be able to use his proven tools to cultivate themselves and then live in their success”


    Sean R. Anthony, MMHS, MSEd

    Behavioral Specialist Consultant

C. M. Lee, Jr. MD, MBA

About the Authors

Physician-Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Lee is the CEO of CMLEEJR Co., a global leadership and performance consultancy that helps people live a purpose-focused life.

Found in 2010 by Dr. Lee, who recently recieved Sacramento Business Journal's top 40 under 40 award, CMLEEJR Co. is leading the way in teaching personal empowerment to students and professionals alike. 


Dr. Lee is a nationally celebrated author and international speaker that inspires organizations, teams, and students to find their purpose and live it daily.

He produces, composes, markets, and delivers high quality content to students and young adults throughout the USA and around the world.