Your Daily Ritual


My focus for this month is to help as many of this blog’s readers get things accomplished in 2015. We’ve talked about discipline and setting goals already. In this post we’re going to focus on how to stay focused day-to-day.

As I studied other productive people trying to figure out how to live more intentionally, I’ve found many tips and practices that help other people get things done. Throughout my life I’ve work to perfect the ritual I do each day to prime myself. I would encourage everyone that is looking to work a priming ritual into your life to look at samples that work for others.

Here are the highlights of my daily ritual.


Each morning I sit in a quiet area and focus completely on the things that I am grateful for in life. I start with gratitude because this allows me never forget the blessing I currently have as I strive to gain more in my life. I start this process meditating on the basic blessings I enjoy in my life, like the ability to walk, talk, and learn. I thank God for my family and the people that encourage me in my life. I thank God for all of the accomplishments I have enjoyed thus far. I spend at least 5 minutes exhausting my thanks to God for the many blessings of my life.


After I have spent time thanking God, I begin the process of reminding myself of who I am and what I am capable of. There are many names for this process, but I speak affirming statements about myself out loud that reinforce my ability. My favorite one, which I learned from Tony Robbins, is:

“All I need is within me now.”

This is such a powerful statement because many of us are waiting to give ourselves the OK to live our dreams, when we already have everything we need. This combats the scarcity mentality that cripples so many of us on our way to our dreams. This says I have all I need; it is up to me. There are many examples of statements that you can use, but make sure they are focused on what you are becoming and speak to your potential.


The last part of my morning ritual is to visualize what I want to accomplish that day and to focus on what I want in the future. If we have our goals already lined out, here is the time for you to visualize yourself accomplishing your baby step for that day. Visualize getting that position, closing the deal, having a great workout, or having the body that you want. Now is the time to feel as if those things were already done. Engulf yourself in the emotions you’ll feel. Welcome the feelings of accomplishment into your heart.

To put it all together:

1. Get grateful first thing in the morning.

Cultivate gratitude every day to combat the complacency that comes with past accomplishments, or current success. Always remember and be thankful for what you already have and what you have already done.

2. Next, build yourself up with affirming words. You are capable and you have what it takes!

3. And finally, visualize your next challenge defeated and conquered. Envision your success.

What else would you like to include in your daily ritual?