When You’re Ready to DO THE WORK

We just completed our 3rd Impact, Purpose, & Destiny Seminar in Philadelphia this past weekend! The crowd was amazing and came READY to do the work.

What does ready to do the work mean?

When you’ve committed your life to continuous improvement, you in turn, seek out opportunities for growth. Many times it take extra work just to do the work. Meaning, you may have to wake up early JUST to get to the gym. So the committed can’t simply want to do the work, they must be ready to overcome the resistance that will happen initially.

At IPD we took the attendants through a stepwise approach on how to go from where they are to where they want to be. No matter how far you’ve come or how much you’ve achieved, there is always another level. The folks in the room, knew that a dedicated an entire day to double down on them.


How we move, determines how we feel. We practiced various methods to take control of our physiology to become more productive.

Raising The Bar

This process involved intentionally raises the bar on our vision. As we took time to write out our goals, we ¬†decided to take it up a notch. #LevelUp is a motto at IPD’s.

Assessing Strengths

We are most primed for impact in the areas of our strengths. We discussed the various strengths that individuals have as well as tools used to categories and how to capitalize on them all.

Time Mastery

We are all living “busy” lives, but how much of the busyness is spent working on your life’s work? Unless we are dedicated and focused on our life’s work daily, we risk the dangers of being unfulfilled.

Believe In Your Story

Our experiences have made us who we are. Unless we are able to look back and take away all the lessons life has taught us, we can garner the strengths that come with struggle. We all have also had success. As we explored the stories we tell ourselves about our past we shifted limiting thoughts to empowering ones!

Life Mastery

Sometimes spending time “getting it all” limits our ability to HAVE it all. We all have everything we need to access the success we want in life. We explored limiting perspectives and how to shift them to change results.

When we are able to master these areas of life, we are ready to CRUSH it!!!


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